Baba Diana
Baba Diana (Baba means 'father of' in Kiswahili) is unwavering in his belief that his daughter's education will lead to a better life. Every morning he walks her to school, where she joins her smiling classmates. Here at the Kibera School For Girls, the brightest and most at-risk girls are given the power of hope and education.

Baba Diana has proved in his own life that he can defy any obstacle in his path. Born in impoverished rural Kenya, Baba Diana suffered a disease in one leg that was misdiagnosed, mistreated, and ultimately left him with a severe limp at a young age. However, this disability did not prevent him from pursuing a better life, starting a family, and dedicating his life to his wife and children.

The family that has an educated child, their home has been built.”
When Baba Diana moved from his rural village to Kibera for better job opportunities, he found himself facing a new round of daily struggles that accompanies life in the urban slum. Poverty, gender-based violence, and health issues are nearly unavoidable. When Diana, his only daughter, was accepted to the Kibera School for Girls two years ago, he vowed to become fully involved in her education, encouraging her in school and helping with her studies. Diana is now in Kindergarten, and is excelling. She is a quiet but determined student who is very serious about her education, just like her father. After school she rushes home to share stories of the day and jump rope in the back yard. Baba Diana hopes that one day his daughter will finish her education and help build a better future for their entire family. Diana dreams of being a doctor when she grows up.

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