Emily's Girl
Twice a week, dozens of girls gather in a large room to share, support, learn, dance and just be teenagers. Led by 21 year old, Emily, who has lived in Kibera her entire life, they are the Shining Girls for Kibera.

These young women​ face tremendous obstacles to protecting their physical and emotional health. Beyond the daily hardship of life in extreme poverty, they also face horrific rates of sexual violence, and lack access to basic needs like food, shoes, clothing, and sanitary products. The Shining Girls for Kibera is a self-named girls’ empowerment group founded to address these needs. The group is led by Emily, a strong female role-model and a former member of Shining Hope for Communities' youth programs. When Emily is not with the Shining Girls, she spends her time as a community health worker for the Shining Hope clinic.

I’ve grown up in Kibera, and I’ve seen it’s not easy.”
The Shining Girls for Kibera provides a safe space for its members to learn about preventive reproductive health measures, rape prevention and response, as well as to collaborate with each other to perform dance, song, and theater—which they perform for their peers and at public spaces around Nairobi. The Shining Girls group pays for all participants' school fees, as well as distributes sanitary products, uniforms, and supplies to ensure the girls stay in school instead of being forced into prostitution or domestic work. By providing the girls with a safe space to gather and learn from one another, Emily is giving them the opportunity to build a future for themselves—something that is entirely too rare in Kibera.

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